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A Laurel school principal has been on a special mission. He’s not just training the youth of the city, but also the next leaders of area schools.

1st Row from left: Cierra Strickland – Football; Raegan Barber – Senior; Mary Morgan Windham – Student Body; Haley Smith – Queen; Jennifer Hodges – Student Body; Madison Odom – Senior; Kaitlyn Karoly, Football; 2nd Row from left: Rachel Bryant...

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What West Jones did in several plays, Laurel did in a few.

The Laurel City Council made it official on Tuesday. City officials are asking state officials to allow them to let people walk around in downtown Laurel with alcoholic beverages.

All across the nation there have been reports of clowns being spotted anywhere from secluded wooded areas to along main roads. These reports have now made their way into southern Mississippi and, most recently, the Laurel area.

West Jones and Laurel approached their Week 5 byes in similar fashion - less focused on their region opener in Week 6 and more on the team as a whole.

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