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Tom King listens as A. B. Howard reflects on the memory of Carlos “Coach” McDaniel during a highway dedication at Jones County Junior College.

The Laurel City Council unanimously approved a resolution that will begin the process that allows the city to begin a city street overlay project to be conducted in 2016.

Standing (left to right): Hannah Grace Holifield (age 14), Claudia Chambliss (age 15), Lauren Thompson (age 15), Sarah Grace Robertson (age 16) and Alyssa Brace (age 20).

Photo/James Pugh

LAUREL – The old adage that defense wins championship is 100 percent true.

Members of the Laurel Arts League and Junior Auxiliary of Laurel recently worked with students at the dance station during the Very Special Arts Day at the Cameron Center in Laurel.

Photo/Airbus S. A. S. (P.  Pigeyre)

Photo/James Pugh


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