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Choose the best of Jones County!

Do you know the best business owner or service provider in Jones County? Nominations are in, and it’s now time to vote in the 2017 Reader’s Favorites contest sponsored by The Chronicle.

The best gifts, tastiest French fries, coldest drinks and most caring health care providers are just a few of the dozens of categories readers will find while voting. Voters can also select a Man of the Year and Woman of the Year through the contest.

“This is a lot of fun every year,” Jason Niblett, publisher of The Chronicle, said. “The business world is hard. Competition, setting prices to be profitable, training… all things people think about every day. Reader’s Favorites is a way that we bring attention for our area’s top businesses and service providers. Winners are just about always thrilled to be recognized by their customers.”

After hearing from readers last year, some of the former categories that were deleted have returned. Plus, there are some new ones to include the many new businesses in Laurel, Ellisville, Soso, Sandersville and Jones County.

“Another big change we made this year is the method of voting,” Niblett said. “Of course, you can still find the ballot in the weekly print edition, but you can also vote online via our website. Either way is just fine with us, so vote whichever way is easier for you.”

The rules are simple. If a reader wants to vote via the ballot from the newspaper, only original copies of the ballot are accepted; however, a voter may submit as many ballots as they wish. If one votes online, the reader can vote once per 24-hour period with a valid email address.

“We’re not going to share this information with anyone. This is just a way to maintain the integrity of the results,” Niblett said.

Voting continues through March 4. To vote online, visit thechronicle.ms/chronicles-2017-readers-favorites .